Warehouse Packer

Job Detail

Equal Employment Group North East, PA Full-Time

$20,800.00 – $22,880.00/year

Equal Employment Group is looking for an acceptable possibility for a client in North East, PA.

Compensation: $11/HR

Movements: first, second, and third
Main responsibilities

Stack and heap finished products into containers.

Train products for dispatch.

Packs them after a particular set of directions.

Clean and prepare containers for packaging.

Check to make sure containers are damage-free.

Confirm if things pulled from this package are right.

Keep a database of packages.

Fill out forms and newspapers to document dimension, weight, and product count.

Keep tabs on the stock.

Remove finished or faulty goods or substances, putting them on transferring equipment such as conveyors or specified areas like loading docks.

Move finished packages for loading.

Load or substance different products or products.

Count things.
Review packaging lists.

Seal containers with adhesive and attachments.

Tag containers with signaling tools.

We’re an equal opportunity employer


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