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Appen Miami, FL Part-Time

 Field Requirements
Appen is actively looking for a Spanish speaker who’s residing in the united states.

Grab this opportunity to earn extra income working in the comfort of your own house;


These can be things like:

– Call: Hello Facebook, please telephone my buddy, Richard.

– Time: Hello Facebook, what day is February 14?

*The information collected will be used to train and develop artificial intelligence algorithms behind speech recognition technology.

*You can do it from inside with your cell phone.

*You will have the chance to recommend your family members within 13 years old that meet the prerequisites to participate in this undertaking. See the guidelines for more details.


-The cover rate you see is for finishing the task incomplete

-Any tasks done by your friends or family with your account will be paid directly to your accounts.

-Each recording will pass our quality control procedure, only accepted records will be paid proportionally.

Interested? Follow the steps below to keep going;

1. Stop by the Appen website using this link (

Https:// or even the”APPLY” button

2. Choose Spanish as your principal language & United States as your own dialect.

3. Complete the Registration page and click on the Submit Application button to create your account

4. Once your account has been made, click the they’ll Projects’ Tab.

5. Opt for the”Learn More” or”Qualify” button to start your eligibility for the project.

We are hoping to hear from you shortly and provide you excellent jobs!

A diverse, inclusive culture is essential to our mission of helping build better AI. We offer opportunities for individuals of all backgrounds and abilities.

  • That is a Work from home set up
    Work to your advantage
    using our Appen Mobile Recorder (AMR) program, the participant will produce and record controls in Spanish (United States accent) which they’d contribute to a voice assistant in the given context, for the voice assistant to help keep out specific activities.
    Recommended skills
    Client Contact
    Data Entry
    Clerical Works
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